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Owner and Trainer - Sage Noh

Graduated from New York University (04) with a Degree in Music Composition and Theory (BM) while completing Pre-Medicine prerequisites, with a minor in Chemistry. Entry to University of Southern California's Doctorate for Physical Therapy (05).

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Personal Fitness Story:

I was 109 pounds in 2000, after my freshman year in college. I was unhealthy and decided to change my life. With the help of my pre-med courses and extra classes in nutrition and kinesiology, I became a personal trainer in 2002.

Along the way, I achieved my own fitness goals (200 pounds and less than 10% body fat) by 2007 and have been living a healhty lifestyle ever since. Exercise and a proper nutrition saved my life! I take a tremendous amount of pride in my clients' goals and fitness dreams. I know how hard it was to fight through the ups and downs and plateaus of getting healthy. I am confident in my abilities to help others do the same.


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:

Monthly donations by Sage Fitness are donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! The greatest achievement of my life was the opportunity to be the bone marrow donor for my mother who had Leukemia. She's completey healthy today and more beautiful than ever. Her story, along with numerous others should be celebrated and I'm proud to support the cause through Sage Fitness! 

Training Background in Detail:

I moved to Los Angeles to earn a doctorate in Physical Therapy at University of Southern California but due to health issues with a family member, I decided to leave school and support my family financially the best way I knew how, personal training! I became a private in-home trainer in 2008 and have trained at multiple New York City sports clubs including Gravity Spa inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel, Trump Riverside, Palladium Gym, and World Gym. The studio embodies everything I've learned in my educational and professional career, to give the clients and trainers an enriched enviroment and experience while training at Sage Fitness. I'm so proud to annouce Sage Fitness Glendale to this Community. 


Studio's philosophy and motto:

Sage Fitness' equipment showcase my philosophy as a trainer, training with intelligence with zero unwanted stress on the body. My unique style of training involves different levels of functional movements, free weights and body weight resistance, core stabilizers, and occasional use of machines. I believe that a healthy body is not only strong but flexible, agile, athletic, and adaptable.

It can't be overstated how health and fitness truly changed my life. I am honored to be in a profession that allows me to help others do the same.

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